Keynote: Break Through the Iceberg, Leverage Cultural Diversity

The 3 Step Process to Communicate Effectively Beyond Differences

What makes you successful in one culture doesn’t make you successful in another. In today’s diverse work environment, we face differences in cultures, generations, values…and sometimes feel like we just can't get through to them.

It turns out that in a culturally diverse environment, our "common sense" may not be so common. If you rely on your "common sense", your communication may lead to huge misunderstanding, mistake, and mistrust.

It's time to apply the three step process called "The 3A's", so you can break through cultural and personal barriers, and communicate effectively beyond differences, globally, and locally.

In this keynote, Natsuyo will spark your curiosity to learn how you can leverage our differences and elevate cultural inclusion.

You will learn how to embrace your cultural and personal differences, identify where and how big the differences are, and adapt your messages, so you can get your message not only clearly heard, but acted upon across cultures.

Start applying the 3A's today, and you'll find the 4th!