Natsuyo Lipschutz

Four PROVEN techniques for creating powerfully persuasive presentations

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 23, 2021 /

Being able to influence an audience and persuade them to take action requires careful planning, consideration, and preparation.   Powerfully persuasive presentations use a mixture of facts, logic, and empathy to help an audience see an issue from a different perspective, causing them to take action. Here are four proven techniques for powerfully influencing and persuading…

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natsuyo director of global outreach

Natsuyo Lipschutz appointed Director of Global Outreach of The National Speakers Association’s New York City Chapter

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 16, 2021 /

Natsuyo Lipschutz has been appointed to be the 2021-2022 term Director of Global Outreach of The National Speakers Association’s New York City Chapter.  The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the oldest and largest of international associations that support motivational and other public speakers.  Their mission is to empower public speakers, share expertise and challenge one…

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The importance of consistently showing up as a public speaker

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 16, 2021 /

Last week I was honored to be speaking at the Small Business Leadership Conference in Orlando Florida where I shared my insights into The 6 Cs of Effective Storytelling.  It was one of the first opportunities I’d had to speak in a room full of delegates since lockdown.  All my other speaking engagements had been…

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Creating memorable characters for business storytelling

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 9, 2021 /

When you hear a story, what do you remember most about it? It’s usually the people in it. Circumstances or situations become interesting because there is a relatable character or characters within them. Have you ever read a great book and felt that the characters in it were almost part of your life too? And…

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Choosing the right topic for your speaking gig

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 2, 2021 /

The starting point for all art of persuasive speaking is the topic you choose. You are clearly an expert in something (that’s why you’ve been asked to speak), but how do you tailor your area of expertise into something that’s going to ‘wow’ and resonate with your audience?  Here are some simple approaches to use…

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PROVEN ways to overcome stage fright when public speaking

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 26, 2021 /

Picture the scene.  You’ve been invited to speak at a major event. Your slot is right after lunch and you’re sitting through the morning’s agenda quite calmly. After lunch, once everyone is seated, your breathing starts to speed up, your stomach is churning and your palms are beginning to sweat. This can’t be right. You’re…

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10 common mistakes when addressing a cross-cultural audience

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 20, 2021 /

In an increasingly global business environment, where colleagues, suppliers and clients are from different countries with varying cultures and value systems, it’s essential to be able to adapt your communication style and delivery. Doing so effectively could mean the difference between being highly respected and regarded to being greatly misunderstood. Here are ten common mistakes…

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6 leadership communication skills learned from being a parent

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 13, 2021 /

As parents, our role is to help our children gain the skills they need to be successful in life, and these can also help us become better communicators as leaders. I want to share some of those insights and skills I’ve learned being a parent and how they can also help you communicate as a…

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Ways to use your passions in public speaking

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 6, 2021 /

When I first started out as a keynote speaker in New York, I was convinced that my talk had to be ‘polished’ to impress my audience. I remember it so well. I was at the Professional Speaker’s Continuing Education workshop and I was picked to rehearse my keynote speech on stage in front of all…

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Join Pacific Tango Group’s May Webinar May 12th 2021

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 5, 2021 /

“The 6Cs of Effective Storytelling for Corporate Leaders” by Natsuyo Lipschutz Business storytelling is THE most powerful skill that business leaders can use to influence, teach, and inspire. And I’m not just talking about applying it to give speeches or make presentations. Business storytelling is incredibly effectively for whenever leaders have something important they need…

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