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The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business

The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business allows you to explore and practice the most powerful ways to frame your ideas and communication to influence your audience. In these engaging online courses, you’ll learn three critical skill sets that every global leader needs; logical thinking, storytelling and cross-cultural communications.

Master the art of persuasive communication today and learn to speak with power, confidence and authority.

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Explore our range of courses designed to enhance your persuasive speaking skills and cross-cultural communication. Choose the one that fits your goals and start your journey to excellence today.

Introduction to The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business


This course will teach you how to write a persuasive speech that commands everybody’s attention in the room, creating a truly transformative experience for your audience.

You will have an easy step-by-step strategy to support you through the process of creating a powerful and unforgettable presentation.

Master The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business


This course expands on the Introduction course and helps you leverage logical thinking and emotion to SELL your message.

It will help you understand how cultural differences impact your communication and how to make conscious decisions about persuasive communication through a range of proven strategies.

The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business Intro (+ Bundle)


(Save 15% + Master Course Bundle)

Purchase both courses to fine-tune and master your public speaking skills with a diverse, global audience.

You will be be equipped with a proven strategy to create a persuasive speech with strong logical and emotional appeal, and trust building elements.

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Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

She has a gift for the world, and EVERYONE needs to hear her powerful message

Mark Brown, C.S.P., World Champion of Public Speaking
“Wow! She has a gift for the world, and EVERYONE needs to hear her powerful message”
Nancy Lynn, Former President of The National Speakers Association New York City Chapter
“We are a German company, and we have to present and communicate clearly with our headquarters. Ms. Lipschutz has given us clarity in how to craft a message concisely yet effectively. We are hosting our first Chlorine Symposium APAC this year, and we are relying on Ms. Lipschutz’s training to prepare our speakers.”
Manabu Kikuchi, CFO, Thyssen Krupp Neusera
In Japanese or English, Natsuyo is the consummate public speaker. To say that she practices what she preaches is a given, but on top of that there are simply some things which can only come from years of practice and personal discipline. Natsuyo has that and more. Natsuyo is a born storyteller, able to craft just the right vehicle into which she weaves a message further amplified by the tale she tells. By the end of the talk you’re fully invested in the topic and you become so engaged that you have no choice but to continue travelling down that road on your own. By marrying emotion and logic Natsuyo is able to transport her listeners where she wants them to go. That is a gift. I had the incredible good fortune of being coached by Natsuyo when I was preparing to give a keynote address in Japanese. Not only did she help me craft the message, she coached me through its delivery, and despite my many misgivings about exposing my Japanese to the world, she eased my anxiety and ultimately enabled my success. Whether looking for a speaker or looking for help in speaking, Natsuyo is far and away your best choice.
Kevin Crowell, President, Asia Business Group, Inc.
“Moving people through public speaking is SO difficult, and only a small fraction of leaders can do it. Then when you add in cross-cultural complexity, how many do you really know? One of those is Natsuyo Lipschutz, who makes it all look easy. More importantly for those of us speaking to employees, partners and outside groups, Natsuyo knows how to teach it, too. Visit her website and get the information you need to speak, speak well, and have an impact. Make your life a little easier. Highly recommended.”
Doug Bruhnke, CEO, Global Chamber®
“I first saw Natsuyo give a speech over 4 years ago — and immediately became a lifelong fan. She was that impactful. Since then, I have seen her present multiple times in a variety of formats, and had her guest in a podcast I hosted. In each case, time and time again, she delivers a message that is unique, personal yet universal, and impossible to ignore. Her speaking style and delivery embodies both grace and energy, while consistently integrating vivid storytelling into crystal-clear messaging and humor — taking the audience on an emotional journey while being informative at the same time. As a side note: she also exhibits professionalism in her every interaction; she has talent without behind-the-scenes drama or ego. I cannot recommend Natsuyo highly enough as a speaker, and urge anyone reading this hire her immediately. And PLEASE — make sure I get a ticket to see her, too!”
Scott Mason, President, Scott Mason, LLC
“Natsuyo conducted a wide and deep market research, analysed vast amount of qualitative and quantitative data, and drilled down on a strategic direction we should take. The strategy helped us grow our business in the US. We are now onto another project with Natsuyo to develop a long-term strategy.”
Shunsuke Abe, Sr. Marketing Manager, Kureha America Inc.
“We’ve worked with multiple speech consultants, but Natsuyo’s approach is second to none. Her McKinsey trained strategic and analytical skills allowed us to take a big leap from “the top IT company in Japan” to a “world class” global company.”
Noriko Hino, Head of Internal Brand Engagement Japan, Fujitsu
“Natsuyo is one of the most engaging and dynamic presenters I have had the pleasure to watch. The information she provides is extremely useful and highly relevant. But more importantly, it is delivered in a manner that makes it so completely relatable. Cross-cultural communications affects us all, and Natsuyo is the person to help you navigate the path.”
Gwen Bortner, President, Gwen Bortner Consulting
“Natsuyo gave us practical tools to improve our cross‐cultural communications. Her talk was very engaging!!”
Chen Rao, Vice President, Wall Street global finance firm
I’m a presentation coach myself and I’ve received help in the past from a few world champions. So I’ve obviously worked with some real professionals in this field and know what I’m saying when I say, “Natsuyo is absolutely wonderful. Really, really wonderful at what she does, and she makes a fabulous story strategist. I’m also a literature teacher who teaches writing style, structure and analysis. Natsuyo, knows, her stuff. She gets an A+++ for storytelling class! (and I don’t dish those out easily. Ask my students !!)
Robert Iyer, Chief Presentation Daredevil, Robert Iyer and Associates