No matter how clear or simple we believe our message is, this never guarantees that your audience will remember it, let alone ACT upon it.  Utilizing the art of repetition in public speaking is a proven way to ensure your audience understand, remember and take action on your message. This essential technique is explained in my online course,The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business and is a sure fire way to powerfully influence your audience.

Here’s a short summary of the five techniques I use:

  1. Get clear on your ONE BIG MESSAGE®

Be sure to know exactly what your ONE BIG MESSAGE® is.  This is the ONE thing that you want your audience to remember after your presentation.  Nailing down your ONE BIG MESSAGE® can be difficult, so be sure to enrol in ‘The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business’ to help you refine and practice it.


  1. Use Stories

No matter how clear you are about your message, unless you use stories, the audience are unlikely to remember it.  Stories bring your message to life.  See them as a way to color in your drawing and animate your characters. Stories allow you to explain your message in different ways – a subtle way to use repetition without it sounding repetitive. They allow your audience to emotionally connect with you and using them effectively will set you apart from other public speakers.

  1. Use the Rule of Three

For whatever reason, we find something complete and satisfying in a group of three. Using the Rule of Three in public speaking allows you to express concepts more completely, emphasize your points, and increase the memorability of your message.

An example might be:

“There’s something really motivating getting up super early to start your day.

  • The early morning bird song
  • The peace you hear around you when no one else is yet awake
  • My Starbucks latte”

Using the Rule of Three creates a pattern in your audience’s mind so that it’s easily remembered and digestible.


  1. Provide a visual for your ONE BIG MESSAGE®

Try to use visuals as a way to help your audience remember your ONE BIG MESSAGE®. It could be a slide in your presentation, a physical object that you bring onto the stage, or an item from an audience member. You could also visually demonstrate your main point with your body.  Do something physical that will help them remember you.

I’m a Latin Ballroom dancer, and I once used some of the choreography in a presentation that evoked humor and made the audience feel more involved in my story.

  1. Always circle back to your ONE BIG MESSAGE®

There is a simple formula for any presentation:

  1. Tell them what you are going to tell them.
  2. Tell them.
  3. Then, tell them what you told them.

As you approach the end of your talk, summarize your ONE BIG MESSAGE® again.

Your audience will appreciate a linear repetition of what they have just heard.

Your audience can only hold a small amount of information in such a short space of time. You only have this one chance to make the right impression and using these techniques into your presentation will help create a lasting one.


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