Natsuyo made a guest appearance on “5 Minutes For Me”, hosted by a leading professional Speakers Bureau in Australia, Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers.

In the busy and chaotic world we live in, our new norm is the feeling of having less time in our day, and of needing more inspiration than ever on a daily basis. This podcast App 5 Minutes for Me was created to give some positive reinforcement in our lives, both as an individual and in the business world.

Every weekday they release a podcast featuring a different speaker for each episode, and it will become the listeners daily inspiration/learning all wrapped into a short 5 Minutes.

The podcast themes include:

Natsuyo appears in two episodes.

【2 Words That will Transform You】

Category: Mindset

We all go through hardships and setbacks in our lives. In a tough time, we may have a hard time getting out of negative self-talks. In this episode, you will hear Natsuyo’s personal story about her setbacks, and learn two little words that are powerful enough to transform you – the way you think, the way you act, and the way you script the rest of your life.

【Cross-Cultural Communication Tips】

Category: Productivity

Have you ever made a small communication mistake, and lost something big? When you are dealing with cultural diversity, a slight communication misunderstanding could lead to a huge failure. But when you learn to communicate effectively beyond our differences, you can bring out dynamic synergies. In this talk, Natsuyo shares the effective cross-cultural communication tips based on her 3 step model, “The 3 A’s”.


You will need to download the 5 Minutes For Me App. This App is currently available in the Apple store and Google Play. Download, sign up, and listen!


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