Are you interested in working with me in 2021 because you want to improve your presentation skills or set a clear business strategy for your organization, but you’re not sure which is the right one for you?

Here’s a run through of my four main products and services and how they can help you become a better leader in 2021.

  1. Presentation Coaching

I regularly coach senior leaders to craft and present their message more effectively so that they are able to speak more persuasively and influence their audience at every level.

My coaching helps you to develop a unique leadership and communication style by mastering the power of storytelling, logic and non-verbal communication skills to really engage your audience.

I can work with you on a 1-to-1 basis, giving bespoke coaching and advice depending on the challenges you are facing.



  1. “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” – Online Programs

For those who want to learn at their own pace, or take my presentation coaching to the next level, “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” offers two online programs to help you deliver a powerfully persuasive message.

Perhaps you feel as though the message(s) you’re delivering just aren’t getting through to your audience, they’re not fully engaging with you or taking action on your message. “The Art of Persuasive Speaking for in Global Business” gives you a clear and succinct methodology that you can work through at your own pace and refer back to it when you need to.



  1. Developing a clear strategy

If you want to put in place a clear strategy for your organization, I have over two decades of management consulting to help you develop a robust strategy that’s aligned with the strategic direction of the business.

Working alongside me will provide an outside, unbiased view that will allow you uncover opportunities that may not be obvious to you right now. It will help you forge a clear path going forward and deliver the right results for your organization.




  1. Keynote Speaker for your next Event


If you’re looking for a compelling keynote speaker for your next event, I have a series of keynotes that might be perfect for what your senior leaders need to hear right now.

I specialize in cross-cultural communication; allowing senior leaders within your organization to identify and embrace their cultural and personal differences, and get their message understood across a global and local audience.

Keynotes are available either online or in-person.



I’m excited about what 2021 is going to bring and I want to help make it a successful year for you as a leader and for those you want to influence.

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