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I’ve recently been through the process of applying for a trademark for “One BIG Message® ” and I’m pleased to say that it’s successfully been accepted. I wanted to explain why I wanted to secure a trademark for this and why it’s so important for leaders, public speakers and leaders who give presentations. 


What is One BIG Message® ?


One BIG Message® is the ability to deliver a clear and concise main message to your audience. It’s the key message you want to deliver, what you want the audience to remember and – crucially – what you want the audience to do.


I trademarked it because it’s one of the core techniques used in public speaking – yet it’s also one that’s commonly overlooked. This is mainly because there’s a tendency to come up with so many ideas and supporting points that you want to get across when you give a presentation, but this will only dilute what you want to convey, and cause your audience to lose focus. 


Use 10 words or less


Your message should be distilled to using ten words or less. This really helps to practice cutting out words you don’t need and focus on only those that are communicating your message. 


Write your 10 words on a piece of paper and stick it next to your computer so you can see it as you’re writing your speech. Keep this purpose top of your mind at all times and remind yourself of your 10 word-message just before you step up to deliver your presentation. 


Make it action driven 

Use “power words” that elicit strong emotions and reactions from the audience. They may be used in any area of your speech where appropriate to catch the audience’s attention and make even dull discussions seem compelling by turning them into persuasive messages that encourage people to take action.


  • Use rhetorical questions to prompt your audience to think about how your message applies to their situation.
  • Group information into sets of three to help people remember it. Some popular ones that have stuck are:  “reduce, reuse, recycle” and “blood, sweat and tears.” 
  • Repeat your message several times so your ideas start to feel familiar when you restate them in slightly different ways later.
  • Use contrasts to sharpen your audience’s attention, such as: “Change is the only constant”. “Is yours a life of chance or a life of choice?”


Even the most experienced leaders fail to communicate One BIG Message® effectively. It takes perseverance and a plan to master it. 


If you need help mastering your One BIG Message® why not enrol on my online course, “The “Art of Persuasive Speaking Intro Course.” It walks you through a step-by-step strategy to get crystal clear on what your One BIG Message® is so that your presentation has impact, power and memorability. 



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