Natsuyo's 2nd live event in LinkedIn

How effective do you feel your pitch is to your potential investors or partners?


If you are looking to successfully land desired funding, being able to tell a compelling story or a pitch is crucial.


In this LinkedIn Live Webinar, you will learn Breakthrough Speaking’s proprietary 3-step formula for creating a perfect pitch, that gets your investors and sponsors to fund your business.


This webinar is for you if you are…
・Start-up company looking to land angel investment
・Nonprofit looking to land corporate sponsorship
・Public sector looking to gain private sector allies
・Entrepreneur who is looking for partners
・Corporate leader who seeks buy-in for a new business idea


After 45 minutes, you will walk away with…
・A former McKinsey strategy consultant’s technique to uncover your unique and powerful “ONE BIG MESSAGE®“.
・The 6 elements to transform any pitch or presentation to 22x more memorable
・The most important strategy for being seen as a powerful yet authentic speaker across cultures.


Don’t miss this interactive LinkedIn Live event!



Date: May 31st at 11 AM CDT 12 PM EDT  9 AM PDT  4 PM GMT

Duration: 45min

Place: LinkedIn Live

Organizer: Natsuyo Lipschutz, Cross-cultural communication strategist


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