How often in your life do you say, “Yes, but”?

Have you realized that when you do that, you’re not really saying “Yes” at all? You’re not truly accepting what the other person says.

Instead, notice what happens when you start saying, “Yes, and.”

You accept what the person says or a situation, and then build on that. This concept comes from improv. Have you heard of it?

The term is short for “improvisational theater.”

What’s so wonderful about improv is that the actors make up the story and what they say at the moment based on suggestions from other actors or the audience.

Improv is also often comedy-based, so when you see it, you’re not only amazed by the spontaneity but also entertained with a good laugh.

In Episode 82 of the Sasuga! Podcast, professional speaker and breast cancer survivor Natsuyo N. Lipschutz tell us how and why “Yes, and” is one of her mantras that has made a HUGE difference in her life.

Natsuyo has talked with Helen Iwata on podcast “Sasuga Communications”.

Enjoy the podcast here;

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