Natsuyo Lipschutz Certified Speaking Professional

In a groundbreaking achievement, we are thrilled to announce that Natsuyo Lipschutz has become the very first Japanese individual to be awarded the esteemed Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) title! This prestigious recognition, often likened to the “Academy Award” for Professional Speakers, marks a monumental milestone not only in Natsuyo Lipschutz’s career but also in the realm of international speaking excellence.


Known for Natsuyo Lipschutz‘s captivating keynote speeches and transformative corporate training sessions, Natsuyo Lipschutz has long been a dedicated member and board member of the New York City chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the largest professional speakers’ association worldwide.


The CSP® designation, established by NSA, stands as the international benchmark for professional platform skill, demonstrating a proven track record of speaking expertise and experience. With an evaluation process characterized by its thoroughness and rigor, achieving CSP® status is no small feat—less than 17% of NSA members worldwide hold this distinguished title. Natsuyo Lipschutz Certified Speaking Professional


Natsuyo Lipschutz, a non-native English speaker, courageously embraced the challenge despite the odds stacked against them. Throughout the rigorous application process, Natsuyo Lipschutz battled imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, and overwhelming moments. However, determination prevailed, leading to an exceptional milestone in Natsuyo Lipschutz’s career.


A pivotal aspect of the evaluation process was the submission of a live video recording of a keynote speech, lasting a minimum of 40 minutes. Natsuyo Lipschutz chose a particularly poignant moment to showcase their speaking prowess—a keynote delivered in Chicago, just hours after receiving distressing news about their mother’s critical condition. Despite the personal turmoil, Natsuyo Lipschutz delivered a remarkable performance, fueled by the unwavering presence of their mother’s spirit. This achievement is dedicated to her memory. Natsuyo Lipschutz Certified Speaking Professional


Natsuyo Lipschutz extends heartfelt gratitude to the more than 20 clients whose generous endorsements played a significant role in this milestone achievement. As Natsuyo Lipschutz continues their journey as a professional speaker, they recognize the weight of responsibility that comes with carrying the CSP® title. While being the first Japanese recipient is an incredible honor, Natsuyo Lipschutz acknowledges that they are paving the way for future generations of Japanese speakers to follow suit. Natsuyo Lipschutz Certified Speaking Professional


With a commitment to ongoing growth and improvement, Natsuyo Lipschutz humbly seeks the continued support of their audience and community. Together, let us celebrate this historic moment and champion the journey ahead for Natsuyo Lipschutz and aspiring speakers alike!  Natsuyo Lipschutz Certified Speaking Professional


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