The starting point for all art of persuasive speaking is the topic you choose. You are clearly an expert in something (that’s why you’ve been asked to speak), but how do you tailor your area of expertise into something that’s going to ‘wow’ and resonate with your audience? 

Here are some simple approaches to use as a starting point to help you choose the right message for your speaking gig: 

Get to know your audience

Find out as much as you can about the audience. Go beyond just their demographics and the organization they work for and find out how much they know about your subject matter. 

What do you and the audience have in common? Or conversely, how are you different? 

What values might you have in common? You want to be able to connect with them in a deep way, and you can only do this through establishing common ground. 

Could you do a pre-event online survey to find out how much they know about your chosen topic so that you can pitch your message at the right level? 


If you want your audience to remember you, and act upon what you say, you need to focus on one (and only one) big message.  Some might call it ‘the big idea’ but this really is the crux of the speech you are going to give.

Ask yourself: What do I want my audience to go away with? What one single thing do I want them to remember, or act upon when they leave the room? 

There are bound to be many things you can talk about, but by focusing on a single message you are not only creating a niche for yourself, but you are making yourself memorable and impactful. 

Create a narrative around your ONE BIG MESSAGE®

Once you have your ONE BIG MESSAGE® what stories can you tell to bring that message to life? What situations have you found yourself in that may resonate with your audience and help illustrate your point?

What characters can you place in your story to allow your audience to visualize the situation more clearly.  

Think of classic fairy tale characters; the hero, the villain and the supporter who have opposing agendas and consider how you can you bring dialogue into the story to increase connection and empathy for the characters.

Crafting your message

So you have your ONE BIG MESSAGE®, a story to illustrate it and a few characters to bring it to life.  Now you need to craft it so that it becomes easy to say, easy to grasp and easy to remember.

That’s where I can help you.  

My Presentation Coaching is ideal for senior leaders who want to deliver polished, high-impact presentations and public speaking engagements, whilst emotionally connecting with their audience.

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