Can CHATGPT bridge the cultural gap in corporate Japan?

What are ways to leverage this powerful tool and protect confidentiality?


Doing business in corporate Japan can present frustrating communication challenges due to unique cultural dynamics and communication styles.


Navigating these challenges requires a painstaking process of acquiring cross-cultural understanding, adaptability, and good questioning technique to uncover “unwritten rules”.


Can ChatGPT, OpenAI’s cutting-edge language model, provide a shortcut to bridging the cultural communication gap?


Japan-US-Europe cross-cultural communications experts, Natsuyo Lipschutz, Laura Kriska, and Kyoko Takeyama, will explore the potential of ChatGPT, and share practical tips on elevating your cultural effectiveness in corporate Japan.


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Date: May 3rd at 12 PM EDT / 9 AM PDT / 4 PM GMT


Natsuyo Lipschutz, Cross-cultural communication strategist

Laura Kriska, Intercultural collaboration expert

Kyoko Takeyama, Communication coach

Duration: 45min

Place: LinkedIn Live



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