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I’m pleased to announce that my popular The 6C’s of Strategic Storytelling™ is now available as a Virtual Keynote.  

The 6C’s of Strategic Storytelling™ eBook has been such a popular tool helping business leaders shape their business presentations, speak with passion about their chosen topic and communicate their One BIG Message®. So I decided to record this content this as a Virtual Keynote. Business leaders can listen on the fly and listen at their own pace to help create a compelling presentation that will take a simple idea into a powerful story.  


Why is storytelling so powerful?

In 2010, Princeton University researchers set out to examine the brain activity of both speakers and listeners under the guise that communication is a collaborative effort. When you listen to a story, your brain waves actually start to synchronize with those of the storyteller. And reading a narrative activates brain regions involved in deciphering or imagining a person’s motives and perspective.

A good story allows us to share and understand one another’s experiences, meaning, and perspectives. It allows us to persuade others, to view things from a different perspective and, as a result, change or alter behavior of our audience. 

The 6C’s of Strategic Storytelling™ Audio Guide will help you to: 

  • Understand the fundamental elements of what makes a good story
  • Give your story a purpose, aligned with the One BIG Message® you want to deliver
  • Create characters that your audience can relate to
  • Set the mood and pace of your story to evoke an emotional response
  • Influence buying decisions and using the power of persuasion to convince your audience to take action

Remember that not every story is created equal. To create maximum impact, you need a deep understanding of your audience and where they are in their journey. Understand who you are, who your audience is, and how to use data and storytelling elements effectively.

Ready to get started? Get instant access to my Storytelling recorded keynote is here >> 

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