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Unlock your impact by creating culturally aware, powerful, and persuasive messages to make your culturally diverse audience not just take notice, but TAKE ACTION.

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Starter Plan

Regular Price $4,500
Your Investment if act within 10 days: $3000


  • 3 x 60-min private/semi-private coaching sessions
  • sessions can be used and 3 private coaching sessions for you, or shared with 3 executives in your team.
  • Sessions can also be treated as small group training (up to 3 people per session)
  • DISCOUNTED (50% off) access to “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” INTRO course for all session participants
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Standard Plan

Regular Price $10,000
Your Investment if act within 10 days: $8000


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Superior Plan

Regular Price $15,000
Your Investment if act within 10 days: $12,000


  • 6 x 60-min private/semi-private coaching sessions
  • Sessions can be used as 6 private coaching sessions for you, or shared with 2~6 executives in your team.
  • Sessions can also be treated as 3 x 120 min small group training (up to 6 people per session).
  • Detailed session report** to follow each session
  • Unlimited consultation via e-mail until 1 month after the last session is delivered
  • FREE access to “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business” INTRO course and MASTER course for all session participants (see for course details)
  • Option to add additional 60min sessions for $1000 per session
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*Offer is valid for 10 business days after the Executive Round Table

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About Natusyo

Natsuyo Lipschutz is the bestselling author of The Success Blueprint, which she co‐wrote with world‐renowned business speaker, Brian Tracy.  She is also the author of “20Ji Ni Sogiotose” (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, as well as “Motivate with Your Own Story” (Forest Publishing) in Japanese.

Additionally, Natsuyo is an engaging TEDx speaker who is a 5-time New York Toastmasters International speech contest district finalist.

A Japanese native, Natsuyo has delivered numerous trainings, workshops, seminars, and keynotes in Japanese and English to audiences around the world. She is a world-class certified public speaking coach and a business strategy consultant who also provides organizational development training.

Natsuyo began her career at a top Japanese trading company, ITOCHU International in New York. Natsuyo then received her MBA from New York University and held a management consultant summer internship position at McKinsey & Company.

Today, Natsuyo is the managing principal of her strategy consulting firm, ASPIRE Intelligence. She is also an executive consultant for Breakthrough Speaking, a global public speaking consultancy.

Natsuyo is widely recognized as a leading global leadership and cross-cultural communications strategist. She uses cross-cultural theory, public speaking skills, logical thinking frameworks, and team leadership skills to teach audiences how to adjust their messages so they are well received in different cultures.

Natsuyo currently resides in New York and often travels to Japan.

In addition to her dynamic speaking and consulting career, she is a competitive ballroom Latin dancer, a proud mother, and a cancer survivor.

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I’m a presentation coach myself and I’ve received help in the past from a few world champions. So I’ve obviously worked with some real professionals in this field and know what I’m saying when I say, “Natsuyo is absolutely wonderful. Really, really wonderful at what she does, and she makes a fabulous story strategist. I’m also a literature teacher who teaches writing style, structure and analysis. Natsuyo, knows, her stuff. She gets an A+++ for storytelling class! (and I don’t dish those out easily. Ask my students !!) 

Robert Iyer

Chief Presentation Daredevil, Robert Iyer and Associates

“Natsuyo gave us practical tools to improve our cross‐cultural communications. Her talk was very engaging!!”

Chen Rao

Wall Street VP

“Natsuyo is one of the most engaging and dynamic presenters I have had the pleasure to watch. The information she provides is extremely useful and highly relevant. But more importantly, it is delivered in a manner that makes it so completely relatable. Cross-cultural communications affects us all, and Natsuyo is the person to help you navigate the path.”

Gwen Bortner

Gwen Bortner Consulting

“We’ve worked with multiple speech consultants, but Natsuyo’s approach is second to none. Her McKinsey trained strategic and analytical skills allowed us to take a big leap from “the top IT company in Japan” to a “world class” global company.”

Noriko Hino


“Natsuyo conducted a wide and deep market research, analysed vast amount of qualitative and quantitative data, and drilled down on a strategic direction we should take. The strategy helped us grow our business in the US. We are now onto another project with Natsuyo to develop a long-term strategy.”


a global chemical company

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