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The 6C’s of Strategic Storytelling™ in Global Business

How to become more influential and powerfully persuasive

Now more than ever in an increasingly competitive market, your customers want to buy from brands they can relate to. Before you sell anything, you need your audience to connect with you. They need to understand your WHY. Yet few leaders know how to articulate their WHY.

The WHY is your story, your reason for being and WHY anyone should even care. Just sharing case studies or data packed presentation doesn't entice your audience to connect with you on a more personal level.

The ability to capture people's heart through storytelling requires skill, creativity, and most importantly, strategy.

The 6C's of Strategic Storytelling(TM) will help you become more authentic, relatable, and powerfully persuasive by communicating your messages using business storytelling.
You will learn a step-by-step strategy to craft your message into a great story, that engages your team and customers to listen, take action, buy from you, or buy into you.
You'll leave inspired to re-think how you win over new customers and transform how you present. Get ready to uncover stories THAT SELL.

Leadership Lessons Learned in Ballroom

Keys to transform a good team to a high performing team

In today's global business environment, the success of a diverse team depends upon each and every member being able to shine. You couldn't just present your idea fully formed and insist that others comply.

In a group, its outcome is the total sum of each member's efforts. In a team, however, its outcome is multiplied. They leverage each other's efforts and talents, and create dynamic synergy.

As a leader of a diverse team, how can you facilitate such synergy and maximize the outcome as a team? Lessons I learned in the ballroom have great hints.

As a strategy consultant for leading global companies, as well as a national finalist of competitive ballroom Latin dancing, Natsuyo will show the 5C's of leadership that she learned in the ballroom, and take them into the boardroom.

You will learn how to actively listen to your team members, align goals and vision, adapt your communication style, and empower diverse team.

Elevating your team to a high performance team takes two to tango. Are you ready to step into the ballroom?

The ultimate conversation with yourself

Two Little Words that saved a breast cancer survivor

In February 2017, Natsuyo was diagnosed with breast cancer. In between multiple surgeries, she continued to compete in Toastmasters International speech contest, and became the New York state finalist of public speaking. During her battle, she found her life mission as a professional speaker.

In this talk, Natsuyo shares her very personal experience in how our anxieties can limit us in ways we don't notice until others can shed light. The "Two Little Words" she learned in the most unexpected situation changed her life.

They could change your life too.