Strategic storytelling: What is it and why is it so important?

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / October 3, 2022 /

Have you ever heard the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”? It means that words can be more powerful than weapons. In a world where information is readily available, it’s more important than ever to use strategic storytelling to get your point across. Persuasive speaking is one of the most effective ways to…

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Why I trademarked OneBIGMessage®

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 5, 2022 /

I’ve recently been through the process of applying for a trademark for “One BIG Message® ” and I’m pleased to say that it’s successfully been accepted. I wanted to explain why I wanted to secure a trademark for this and why it’s so important for leaders, public speakers and leaders who give presentations.    What…

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What makes a good virtual presentation?

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 20, 2022 /

What makes a good virtual presentation?    In a post pandemic world, virtual presentations and meetings have become the norm, and like them or loathe them, it looks as though they’re here to stay. Virtual presentations allow leaders, speakers and presenters to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, making events, pitches and keynotes even…

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Become a better public speaker using this ONE underused technique

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / June 6, 2022 /

Becoming a great public speaker takes great patience, practice, and perseverance. Even the most confident of leaders aren’t always the best speakers. One of the most underused public speaking techniques that I’ve noticed whilst coaching public speakers is using the power of storytelling.   Since last month, I’ve been coaching the CEO of a mid-tier…

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Importance of getting feedback as a public speaker

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 16, 2022 /

Getting feedback as a public speaker   If you want to improve your public speaking skills, all you have to do is ask.    Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But many of us are afraid of asking for feedback, or we don’t know the right way to ask for it to achieve the response we want.  …

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The science behind the art of persuasion

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / May 2, 2022 /

We all have the capacity and power to persuade someone. Very few people are naturally persuasive, but for most people, we have to work at our persuasion skills. There’s no magic involved, BUT… there is definitely a science to persuading an audience.    Learning how to utilize the science behind persuasion can help you become…

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Create an effective slide deck presentation

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / March 21, 2022 /

10 simple rules for creating an effective slide deck presentation   “Not another boring powerpoint presentation!”    Death by powerpoint is to be avoided at all costs if you want to deliver an engaging and impactful presentation!   It’s one the biggest things I dread when I see a speaker walk onto the stage with…

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Get a video evaluation of your speech or presentation

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / February 28, 2022 /

Get a video evaluation of your speech or presentation    I am pleased to launch a brand new service for business leaders and Toastmaster speech contestants to help perfect their speech or presentation. Clients can send me their speech video (up to 10 minutes in length), and I will record a personalized evaluation on video…

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How to get your audience to emotionally connect with you

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / February 14, 2022 /

Connections and meaningful relationships are crucial in business.  They’re the foundation for sustained partnerships and successful collaborations, whether it be with your team, your leaders or your clients.    Whether or not we’re able to acknowledge it, each of us carries an innate need to connect with other people. We all desire to be liked,…

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Persuasive speaking: Techniques to convince your audience to take action

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / December 13, 2021 /

Do you know how to really persuade your audience? I’m talking about getting them to change their thinking or convince them to do something following your presentation.     As someone who has delivered countless persuasive presentations and coached many leaders in the US to speak persuasively, I know how possible it is to practice the…

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