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Clarifying your core message for business presentations

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 20, 2021 /

I once coached a group of very experienced senior leaders to deliver a presentation at their internal leadership conference.     The audience were all senior executives and they each had 10 minutes to present on the direction of their teams for the next 12 months.    It was clear to me why these individuals were…

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How to make virtual presentations engaging

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / September 6, 2021 /

Over the last year, I’ve been delivering more virtual presentations than I dare to count and I’ve learned not only the practicalities of setting up an online presentation effectively but also some invaluable techniques to keep my audience engaged throughout.  As virtual meetings and online presentations continue to be the norm, I wanted to share…

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Cross-cultural communications strategies for effective leadership

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 30, 2021 /

In an increasingly globalized economy, the ability for leaders to communicate effectively with people from other cultures has become an essential leadership skill. Just because someone speaks the same language as you, doesn’t mean that they have the same cultural background and understanding as you.    Many of our communication habits have become habitual, and…

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Three tips to make your speech more interesting

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 23, 2021 /

Don’t end the story with the story! Three tips to make your speech more interesting   Newbie public speakers may often feel nervous delivering a presentation. Whether it’s a presentation to a board, a conference, or even a TED talk, you want to make a great impression and engage your audience.    The best thing…

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Using introspection to find your One BIG Message

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 16, 2021 /

I have recently been coaching a Japanese lady who entered Mrs International Beauty Pageant.    You might think that a beauty pageant is all about swimsuits and glamour (I thought that too!) but in fact the speech that they have to give accounts for 50% of the judging criteria.    Preparing speeches for pageant participation…

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5 communication techniques I learned from being a parent

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / August 11, 2021 /

Parallels between parenting and leadership are plentiful. As a parent of a head strong 9-year old, while I run my own global leaders’ communication training business, I am only too familiar of the similarities and lessons that we can learn and bring into the business world, and I wanted to share some less obvious communication…

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The 6-step business storytelling structure that SELLS

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 20, 2021 /

Stories are powerful.  When my daughter was 4 years old, she asked for the same story every night for about 3 months.  Surely she would get bored by it, but each night I read it to her and tried to bring the characters to life that little bit more. As I read it to her,…

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The 4 most powerful ways of persuasive communication

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 19, 2021 /

Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to change their beliefs or act upon something that you suggest. The art of persuasive is not just about sales tactics. It’s about effectively communicating your One Big Message so that your audience take action or share your perspective.  As leaders, the ability to persuade is essential. Whether…

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Using ethos to persuade your audience

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 12, 2021 /

The success of a speaker’s efforts to sway his or her audience will depend, ultimately, on credibility. In persuasive communication, we call this “ethos.” It comes from the Greek word “character” and it’s how you appeal to your audience through trust and credibility.  We are all likely to be persuaded by people whom we trust,…

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What determines your legacy as a public speaker?

By Natsuyo Lipschutz / July 7, 2021 /

Every leader wants to leave a positive, lasting legacy. The way in which they impacted their organization, the people they influenced, the products and brands they built and the messages they sought to deliver.   Leaders who have engaged in a lot of public speaking will undoubtedly be more well-known, and they’ll have certain messages…

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